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The Bachelorette’s Alabama Hannah: Why This Season Is More Scandalous That Others

The Bachelorette’s Alabama Hannah: Why This Season Is More Scandalous That Others

Hey, Bachelorette Nation!

This season, Hannah ‘Alabama Hannah’ Brown set off looking for true love and her future husband, but she’s encountering more twists and turns than any of the Bachelorettes before her.

For the first several episodes, this season went down the same course as others- Hannah had to make tough decisions, Hannah sent home some crowd favourites, and the guys argued with each other. However, once Hannah made it to the Hometown Dates, it became clear that this season was going to be one of a kind.

The final four men left for hometown dates were: Luke, Peter, Tyler, and Jed. Some of the dates went really well and some of them were well, awkward.

Peter and Tyler took Hannah on enviable dates throughout their hometowns, and each man’s family gave Hannah a warm welcome.

Luke’s date wasn’t awful, but it was certainly a bit awkward. He took Hannah to his church to experience a service together and introduce her to his family and friends. During this date, Luke talked about his dark and scandalous past and conveyed his commitment to his faith in the present, which was actually nice to watch … at first.

Then, his church friends jumped into the conversation and told her about how great Luke was and talked about their faith for what seemed like an entirety, leaving Hannah smiling and nodding for way too long.

For Jed’s date, he pulled out a page from the musician handbook and took Hannah to help him play and record music, which was actually a pretty solid date. However, things got awkward quickly when it came time for Hannah to meet Jed’s family; they did not give her the warm welcome she expected. Instead, his mother passive-aggressively shaded Hannah, and his sister openly disapproved.

Going into the rose ceremony, we were all torn between our love for Jed and our belief that Hannah needed to cut him since his family was so flat-out disrespectful. Shockingly, though, Hannah didn’t cut anyone! She was given special permission to keep all four men!

And all of this drama was before THE main drama this season. Below, is a summary of the drama that is still coming out about each of the final four contestants leading up to the final few episodes.

Pilot Pete

One word, two syllables: Wind. Mill. Though the show didn’t go into explicit detail about Hannah and Pete’s date, they gave us enough clues to piece together the rest.

The sweet pilot, a fan favourite to many, is still in the running to fly into Hannah’s heart for good. After a warm welcome from the family, a romantic fantasy suite, and a charming personality to boot, though, it has come to light that Pete ended a relationship only a few months prior to being scouted for The Bachelorette. Is Hannah just a rebound?

Just Jed

When I mentioned that Jed took a page from the musician handbook for his Hometown Date with Hannah, I forgot to mention that he also took a page from the same handbook about lying to kind and genuine women for clout.

It’s come to light that Jed had a girlfriend before coming on to the show who he broke up with just so he could be on the show to gain fame and recognition to help his music career. He also allegedly promised this girl that they would get back together after the show, and he told her that he would try to leave once he got down to the last few rounds.

It makes me wonder if his family was in on it all along and treated Hannah poorly on purpose to make her send him home, gaining Jed the sympathy of all women who love vulnerable musicians that are misunderstood by their families.

His music was mediocre, at best, and he is officially cancelled.


To be as succinct as possible, Luke is the quintessential privileged, straight, white male who uses religion to back his archaic belief that women need to be guarded and protected by a man because they are not powerful enough to look out for themselves.

I’m not here for it, and from the previews for the next few episodes, it seems that Hannah isn’t either.

Tyler C.

The ‘C’ in Tyler C. stands for ‘Chosen one,’ because as far as I’m concerned, he is the least problematic man The Bachelorette has seen in a while and the internet agrees.

Tyler is easily the fan-favourite and, based on my math, the most logical choice. Who knows, though, love has a way of skewing the equation so we never know who Hannah will really end up with.

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